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Koattro PB M 8911M

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Polybutene-1 grade Koattro PB M 8911M is a random copolymer of butene-1 with high ethylene content.

Koattro PB M 8911M is primarily used as a blend component in woodworking and assembly hot melt adhesive formulations. It can be used in combination with a wide variety of non-polar resins and waxes and maintains good cohesive strength of the HMA and higher Shear Adhesion Failure Temperature (SAFT).

Koattro PB M 8911M is also used to improve rheological properties in blends. It is highly compatible with polypropylene due to its similar structure. Koattro PB M 8911M is less compatible but still easily dispersible in blends with polyethylene. Its relatively slow kinetics of crystallization allow for an excellent wetting behavior. Its high shear-sensitive flow behavior means that it remains easily dispersible also in even more incompatible polymers like thermoplastic elastomers.

Koattro PB M 8911M can also be used in Melt Blown and Spunbond applications offering reduced bonding temperature and improved softness.

This grade is not intended for medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Brand Koattro
ProducerLYB LyondellBasell
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