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Adstif PP

The Lyondellbasell Adstif range consists of homopolymer and heterophasic copolymer polypropylene resins characterized by high crystallinity, high stiffness, good impact, a broad processing window and good dimensional stability including at high temperature. Adstif resins are suitable for use in packaging applications, such as thermoformed containers, injection molded packaging and specialty film. Their excellent barrier and organoleptic properties as well as their ability to save weight by reducing wall thickness make Adstif your ideal choice for rigid packaging applications.


Its excellent high temperature performance also makes Adstif suitable for use in hot fill applications. Furthermore, Adstif is typically used in consumer goods, industrial applications and lamp housings. Adstif resins exhibit a stiffness level comparable to mineral filled PP at a lower density and good colourability. Select Adstif resins are UL-listed as well.

  • Garden Furniture
  • Food Packaging
  • Packaging with hot fill
  • Thermoformed products
  • Thin walled packaging
  • Household Furniture
  • Applications with Barrier Effect
  • High Rigidity
  • Good dimensional Stability at high temperatures
  • Good Gloss
  • Good impact strength
  • High stiffness and good scratch resistance
  • Reduction of wall thickness (5-10%)
  • Excellent organoleptics