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Toppyl PB 8220M

PB - Unfilled

Polybutene-1 (PB-1) grade Toppyl PB 8220M is a random copolymer of butene-1 with medium ethylene content.

This grade is highly compatible with polypropylene due to its similar molecular structure, and it is used to modify the sealing behavior of PP based films: a typical example is its use to reduce the seal initiation temperature of BOPP sealing layers.

The relatively slow kinetics of crystallization allow an excellent wetting behavior.Toppyl PB 8220M highly shear-sensitive flow behavior means that it remains easily dispersible also in even more incompatible polymers like thermoplastic elastomers.

Toppyl PB 8220M can also be used in seal-peel application. Compared with Toppyl PB 8640M or Toppyl PB 8340M, in blown film seal-peel Toppyl PB 8220M provides better optical properties (haze and clarity) but with narrow sealing window.

Brand Toppyl
ProducerLYB LyondellBasell
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