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Koattro PBM 1200M

PB - Unfilled

Polybutene-1 grade Koattro PB M 1200M is a random copolymer of butene-1 with low ethylene content.

Koattro PB M 1200M is primarily used as a blend component in hot melt adhesive (HMA) formulations and sealant compounds. It provides good cohesive strength of the HMA, higher Shear Adhesion Failure Temperature (SAFT) and can be used in combination with a wide variety of non-polar resins and waxes. It offers high green strength in assembly applications and helps to reduce the amount of resin needed in a HMA formulation.

Koattro PB M 1200M is used in carpet backing applications (Primary and Secondary backing), where it offers flexibility, high filler loading capability, recyclability and energy saving potential.

It is also used as an adhesive layer in multilayer meltblown applications. It is highly compatible with polypropylene.

Brand Koattro
ProducerLYB LyondellBasell
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