LYB LyondellBasell

Akoalit DKG 300

PB - 0% Glass Fiber

Akoalit PB DKG 300 is a glass fibre reinforced high flow polyolefin homopolymer manufactured from butene-1
monomer. It can be used where outstanding creep, high stiffness, low thermal expansion and property retention
at elevated temperature are key requirements.
The grade is typically used for fitting applications such as fitting bodies, support rings, etc. in combination with hot
and cold potable water pipe installations. It provides improved surface aesthetic properties combined with
excellent tensile and flexural creep performance.
Akoalit PB DKG 300 is available in natural colour in pellet form.
Akoalit PB DKG 300 may not be used in the manufacture of pipe applications intended for sale or shipment to
North America, without prior written approval by Seller for each specific product and application.


Brand Akoalit
ProducerLYB LyondellBasell
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