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Ultrapolymers Group was founded in October 2002 in Belgium to distribute polymers for major polymer producers across Europe. In the meantime the Ultrapolymers Group has grown to one of the biggest Pan-European polymer distributors.

With offices and warehouses in most of the European countries, Turkey and South Africa, Ultrapolymers established a commercial network with a local presence to serve its customers and suppliers in the best possible way. We offer a comprehensive product portfolio of raw materials covering commodities, engineering plastics, thermoplastic elastomers and synthetic rubbers. We can deliver any quantity from 1 bag to a full truck load.

  • Leading distributor
  • €700 million revenue
  • 273 employees
  • Pan-European player
  • 26 offices
  • 45 warehouses
  • 415.000 MT sales
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Further expansion into France, the Nordic and Turkey.
Additional offices
New entities are established in Slovenia, Bulgaria, South Africa and Serbia.
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New offices in Croatia, Russia and Ukraine.
Pan-European growth
Further growth means there is a need to look for new resources in Romania, Hungary, Russia and Slovakia.
ECE update
Opening of a new office in Bosnia.
ECE update
Ultrapolymers adds Macedonia to its geographical coverage.
New offices
Ultrapolymers is happy to announce expansion in the Baltics and Poland.
Ultrapolymers celebrates its 10 year anniversary!
North-Africa start-up LYB + Egypt
Opening Ultrapolymers Austria office
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15th anniversary Ultrapolymers

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Ultrapolymers further extends its portfolio of medical polymer solutions

February 07, 2018

In its aim to continuously provide pharma, medical device and combination device manufacturers with a wide choice of medical polymer solutions, Ultrapolymers ( has extended the scope of its distribution agreement for INEOS Styrolution Styrenic Specialties to cover Europe. Ultrapolymers' distribution portfolio now also includes Lyondellbasell's newest Purell polyolefin resins, Purell EP370S and Purell RP375R.

With these new products, Ultrapolymers enlarges its existing range of material solutions for healthcare applications (including Lyondellbasell, INEOS Styrolution, Marfran.MED, Samyang and others)* which is supported with a wealth of technical expertise as well as design and processing experience to help bring new products to the market faster and with more confidence.

Where transparency is key in pharmaceutical packaging, stiffness and impact performance are crucial in the design of medical devices. Ultrapolymers' new polymer introductions are ideally suited to fit both requirements. INEOS Styrolution's transparent Styrenic Specialties include Terlux HD, Styrolux, NAS, Zylar, K-Resin and Styroflex. Novodur HD and Luran HD are the preferred options for applications that require excellent stiffness and strength. Aforementioned brands benefit from 80+ years of experience and a long-standing reputation of excellence. INEOS Styrolution Specialties further install confidence by offering consistency of formulation and security of supply.

Lyondellbasell's new phthalate-free polyolefins Purell EP370S and Purell RP375R also offer abundant potential in a variety of target applications.

  • Purell EP370S is a nucleated polypropylene copolymer combining very good stiffness and low temperature impact resistance with good flow properties. It aims to close an existing gap within this material class, opening up new options for thin-walled medical equipment and lab ware as well as for dental applications;
  • Purell RP375R is a polypropylene random copolymer featuring high flowability, excellent transparency and a tailored additive package for gamma/x-ray irradiation and sterilisation. Purell RP375R has been developed in response to increasing gamma sterilisation dosages applied, typically in applications such as lab ware, medical devices, syringes and injection pen components, medical & pharmaceutical packaging and diagnostics.

More information can be obtained through all local Ultrapolymers offices.

Ultrapolymers is a leading, Pan-European polymer distributor. Our aim is to provide a high-quality service and expert technical consultation. With a full range of commodity and specialist materials, complementing extensive technical and commercial resources, Ultrapolymers’ philosophy is to work in partnership with designers, converters and OEMs from the inception of a project, providing a significant competitive advantage through effective material selection, improved part performance, process optimisation and cost positioning.