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Moplen EP310D HP

PP COPO - Unfilled

Moplen EP310D HP is a low fluidity polypropylene heterophasic copolymer, MFR 0.8. It does not contain anti-blocking and slip additives.

Moplen EP310D HP is typically used by customers for extrusion applications when high mechanical properties are of the utmost importance. It is normally extruded by customers in single layer film for lamination on other substrates, obtaining structures that can be processed under high retorting conditions. This grade has been reported to be used in some other typical applications, such as extruded film for adhesive tapes, lamination film, freezer film, pipes, fittings and containers produced by extrusion blow moulding. Customers also reported that can be used as a building block for heavy duty bags, delivering high impact and thermal resistance over a broad range of temperatures.

Moplen EP310D HP has been reported by customers to exhibit high impact, good puncture, good tear resistance, high seal strength and seal integrity.

Brand Moplen
ProducerLYB LyondellBasell
PolymerPP COPO
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