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Hostalen PP PP H7350FLS 303064

PP Compounds - Unfilled

Hostalen PP H7350FLS 303064 is a polypropylene homopolymer, grey colored similar to RAL 7037 (dusty grey).

The product contains a bromine flame retardant and it is not halogen free.

Semifinished products fulfil burning-class B1 according to DIN 4102. EU burning class (construction products) according to EN 13501-1: Ed2. In UL 94-burning test flammability class V-2 can be achieved. The product is not UL-listed. (UL = Underwriters Laboratories)

The product requires special processing conditions:
The appropriate conditions will depend on the type of equipment used and the size and wall thickness of the pipe or profile required.

Recommended extrusion conditions:

The barrel temperatures should be set on the right level to get a melt temperature of 190-210°C (measured with a needle pyrometer). For extruders with a grooved feed bushing a decreasing temperature profile is recommended: e.g. 210 / 200 / 190 / 190°C.
With the flame retardant grade Hostalen PP H7350FLS 303064 the melt temperature should be kept below 230°C, to avoid degradation of the bromine component of the flame retardant system (measured with a needle pyrometer). Higher melt temperature, excessive shear and long residence time at high melt temperature lead to the formation of hydrobromic acid (HBr), which is corrosive versus steel surfaces. Corrosion protected screws and tools (e.g. chromium plated) are recommended. The extruder and die head should be purged with natural PP resin during longer breaks or at the end of the production.

Hostalen PP H7350FLS 303064 is not allowed for food contact applications.

Brand Hostalen PP
ProducerLYB LyondellBasell
PolymerPP Compounds
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