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Adflex X 500 F

PP RIM - Unfilled

Adflex X 500 F is a thermoplastic polyolefin which is typically used in co-extruded cast film and injection moulding applications. Adflex X 500 F features a high softness, a low modulus, high gloss and excellent clarity. It has been selected by customers for use in a central layer of tough transparent co-extruded cast-film structures. It can be blended with other transparent polyolefinic resins to improve the low temperature impact resistance maintaining the transparency of the film. Adflex X 500 F can be processed on conventional PP cast film lines. It is also suited for injection moulding applications where high transparency and good gloss combined with good flexibility is required like e.g. housewares and toys. It does not contain any slip nor anti-blocking agents.

The only Adflex for transparent modification.
Phthalate catalyst system.
Best grade for impact modification at low temperature due to it's low Tg and because with its higher Tensile Modules you can add more without dropping too much the overall modulus.

Brand Adflex
ProducerLYB LyondellBasell
PolymerPP RIM
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