Technical support

Ultrapolymers offers comprehensive technical support from design to final production.

Selecting materials from our broad portfolio Our experienced team is available to help customers select the most effective materials for their application. Combined with comprehensive technical and commercial resources, Ultrapolymers’ broad portfolio of commodity and speciality materials is available to support all plastics applications.

A dedicated business development team is active within the Ultrapolymers group in order to discuss, explore and investigate new market trends, new applications and designs etc. Customers can use the development team to aid them through their entire project.

Ultrapolymers can support an existing or new project with samples for trial and testing. Material plaques and successful case studies can also be provided.

World-class suppliers / Pan-European distribution

Our partnership with industry-leading suppliers allows us to distribute world-class brands throughout Europe. Special relationships with our suppliers enable us to use technical and commercial resources that benefit our customers on a local level.

Pan-European distribution agreements allow Ultrapolymers to call on stocks from 45+ warehouses across our group, providing our customers with increased security of supply.

Product design and Moldflow analysis

Ultrapolymers operates in partnership with customers, offering technical and commercial consultation. We have vast experience in design, innovation, material selection, troubleshooting and process optimisation, which could offer cost saving benefits and prevent issues with the application or process.

From the inception of a project, we are able to analyse the complete moulding process and offer on-site support from the design stage through to final production. We can perform a design analysis or Moldflow analysis to detect where problems could occur during processing.