ISO + REACH conformity


Ultrapolymers commits itself to improving and ensuring the health and safety of all those working with polymers. The European regulation on Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals demands that all substances manufactured and/or imported to the EU in quantities ≥ 1 ton/year will need to be registered under REACH.

In addition there is a list of Substances of Very High Concern - specific chemical elements that cannot be used or marketed in quantity ≥0.1 % w/w unless authorisation is granted.

Understanding the risks posed by chemical substances provides a safer environment and a better communication thoughout the entire supply chain.

If you have any question related to REACH or SVHC, Ultrapolymers has a dedicated REACH coordination team which can be contacted via



Ultrapolymers complies with ISO-9001. Over the past years we have developed a reputation for professionalism, reliability and quality, all of which make Ultrapolymers the preferred distribution partner for customers across Europe.

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