To meet the increasing demands of the packaging industry Ultrapolymers works together with leading manufacturers to offer a unique range of high performance products.

Ultrapolymers offers a benchmark portfolio for flexible and rigid packaging. Our portfolio for flexible packaging covers traditional film conversion technologies (blown, cast, mono- or bi-oriented.) For rigid packaging applications we can offer especially designed materials with high fluidity, even for demanding thin-walled injection-moulding applications. Our portfolio of engineering materials for the packaging industry offers properties from conductivity to high heat resistance.

For every packaging application, we can find the right solution. For higher demanding applications we offer a broad range of food approved engineering resins.

  • Drums
  • Jerrycans
  • Bottles
  • Caps and closures
  • Dairy containers
  • Trays
  • Dry food containers
  • Containers for beauty products
  • Rigid food packaging
  • Flexible packaging films
  • Stretch hood films
  • Shrink sleeves
  • Cosmetics containers
  • Transparent packaging for food
  • Frozen or fresh food packaging
  • EPS packaging
  • Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s)
  • Custom compounds
  • Prime & Industrial quality
  • High performance materials with cost-saving opportunities
  • Product consistency and processability
  • Transparency and high gloss
  • Matt finishes possibilities
  • Wide range of service temperatures
  • Low temperature impact resistance
  • Fast processing speeds
  • Reduced wall thickness
  • Microwave reheating capability
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Low odour and taste transfer
  • Good organoleptic properties
  • Dishwasher-proof materials
  • Very low permeability to aromas and gases